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Update: A very nice handbook of Paraguayan philately, with a discussion of Paraguay’s military history.


Army Program for High-Demand Linguists Producing Results

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A new Army military occupational specialty, 09L, is the latest weapon in the nation’s arsenal in the global war on terror — and it’s working, Army officials said April 20.

The L stands for linguist, and the program is designed to find and recruit native speakers of various high-demand languages and dialects for service in the U.S. Army. Thus far, 77 new recruits have been trained and mobilized. All are serving in the U.S. Central Command theater of operations — a requirement they were made aware of upfront — and the results have been just what commanders hoped.

The 09L program began in February 2003 when the assistant secretary of defense for reserve affairs was tasked with recruiting native speakers to assist U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan with interpretations, translations, cultural familiarity and an understanding of the nuances of body language. The three languages most needed were Dari and Pashto, the two most prevalent languages spoken in Afghanistan, and Arabic.

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Morning Miscellany

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On the Chopping Block of History … Again

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A bibliography, assembled by John Drobnicki of York College (CUNY), of the 1919-1920 Russo-Polish War. In this conflict, forces of the newly resurrected Poland stopped a Russian invasion force, preventing Soviet domination of eastern Europe until after WWII.