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In honor of Bush’s successful visit to Georgia, here are some Georgian links:


Macau Media

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State of the media in Macau:

Macau Business, a glossy monthly distributed mainly to hotels but also in Hong Kong, was established in May last year and has been growing steadily since. Its executive director, Paulo Azevedo, was formerly a journalist with TDM and another Portuguese daily, Ponto Final. “The Portuguese language in Asia is like Latin, like we’re 16th century Dominican priests or something,” he said. “It’s nice to maintain this image of Macau but commercially speaking it’s a nightmare. There is no growth there.”

Full story here. More info about the history of newspapers in Macau here, including A Abelha da China (the China Bee), the first newspaper.


First Book Printed in Lithuanian

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Broliai seserys! Imkit mane ir skaitykit …

  • The Catechismuswas printed by Martinas Mažvydas in 1547. This site includes not only info and pictures, but a short sound clip of the Foreword.
  • More info at UNESCO, including a longer sound clip
  • Understanding the Gospel in Lithuanian culture
  • Lituanus has an extensive discussion of the work
  • The Library of Congress has an speech by Vytautas Landsbergis about the book, occasioned by its 450th anniversary in 1997
  • The National Library of Lithuania is named after Mažvydas


The First Book Printed in …

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This post at Tenser, said the Tensor about Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom (which I used to enjoy watching as a kid) put me in mind of the Omaha, or Ponka, language. It is a Siouan language of the Dhegiha branch and is closely related to Osage and Kansa. Some Omaha resources:

Some time ago, I purchased a copy of Hymns in the Omaha Language (1887), by William Hamilton. Click more to see a transcription of one of them. The English text is available at the CyberHymnal, as are midi files for several melodies written for it. At some point, I hope to generate a glossed version.

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Languages Beginning with M

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Continuing the tradition started with Mi’kmaq and Menorquí, links for various languages that start with the letter M:


Morning Miscellany

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Missale Aboense

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In 1488, the Bishop of Turku (Åbo), Konrad Bitz, commissioned the first book printed for a Finnish audience, the Missale Aboense (site in Finnish). Bartholomeus Ghotan, of Lübeck, printed a Latin missal on parchment and paper. The rubricated text is based on the Dominican liturgy, with a calendar modified for the see of Turku; most of the copies were destroyed during the Reformation. Facsimiles were published in 1971 and 1988.


Kurdish Resources

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